Visitor’s Guide

Location: –
EARS is headquartered at the Emirates Scout Commission Building, Al Badia area in the Emirate of Sharjah and is easily accessible by Emirates Road (Shar’ Al-Emarat) – E611
GPS Location – 25.264170 N, 55.576442 E
Google Plus Code – 7HQQ7H7G+MH  (copy & paste in google maps)
Google Maps –
Two big antenna towers are easily visible from the roadside.
If you are driving towards the Dubai / Abu Dhabi Direction on Emirates Road E611, take the service road and enter the Emirates Scout Commission campus and take first left. Ample parking is available in front of the building.
Entrance to the Sharjah Scout Mission building
Enter the building and proceed as shown.
1 – EARS Reception Desk & Office
2 – Lounge Area for Members
3 – Office for Chairman & Officials.
4 –Club Station
5 – EARS Shop
6 – Toilets
7 – Emergency Exit
8 – Main Entrance / Emergency Exit
General Guidelines, Safety Information.
Face Masks are mandatory at all timeswhile at EARS premises. This is inline with the UAE Government directivesand is to ensure safety of the visitors and those working at the premises.
Please check-in with the reception desk upon your visit.
Treat employees, fellow members with respect, civility, and courtesy.
All radio operators using the Club Station must operate strictly in accordance with TRA regulations and should log the contacts under Club call sign.
Visiting Operators: –
  • Must not disconnect cables, interface units, and overly change the settings on radios, amplifiers, and related accessories. These are properly adjusted for optimal performance and emission compliance.
  • Do not install any software, modify, or change settings on the software components installed on any of the computers. If you are facing any problems or have any suggestions, please inform the officials / employees of the society.
  • Must avoid operating near the band/mode edges.
  • Must be polite. Even if EARS station was active on a particular frequency, – but someone comes on and informs the operator they are a bit close to their frequency or stepping over them, – then the EARS club station operator must QSY.
  • Should avoid all areas of established activity. This includes, but not limited to 14230 to 14236 kHz to avoid interference with SSTV transmissions.
  • Must double-check to ensure a frequency is clear before operating.
  • Should be aware that while operating EARS club station, you are representing UAE. Tolerance, acceptance, coexistence and understanding are deeply entrenched values of the UAE and these must be reflected in every QSO.
The designated station manager, Office manager or responsible officials of the club reserves the right to stop a visitor from operating EARS club station if that operator does not adhere to the rules and regulations.