Amateur Radio and Emergencies

Amateur radio is so useful to emergency communications because it does not depend on any infrastructure. That means amateur radio does not rely on the electrical power grid or any cabled network. Although mobile phones and the internet have wireless capability, they are still dependent on fixed masts and cabling which can be severely disrupted by a natural or man-made disaster; so while very useful in an emergency, mobiles and the internet cannot be relied upon completely.
When the phone lines are down and the electricity is off, it is still possible to communicate worldwide with amateur radio using only battery power. This versatility has saved many lives over decades of amateur radio emergency service. Amateur radio still gets through when everything else has failed.
UAE is blessed with relatively stable weather system and low risk of natural disasters (as measured in the World Risk Index, calculated by the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) ). However Emergency preparedness is all about expecting the unexpected and be ready to serve the nation and society when in need.
Emirates Amateur Radio Society, EARS and its members are committed to provide Emergency Communications during natural calamities and disasters. EARS conduct routine readiness and preparedness exercises including mock drill activities that fall over a wide range of scale, scope, and complexity.
Amateur Radio in the 21st century is a modern and useful emergency communications medium. If you are interested in obtaining your amateur license to serve your community, please contact Emirates Amateur Radio Society, EARS.
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