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Amateur radio, as they say it is a hobby of kings is a wireless amateur ambassadors for their countries over the air


PVoluntary commitment to excellence and work on the planning and construction of Assembly and related fields to raise high the name of UAE.
We seek to spread the hobby among segments of society, through the hard work to achieve the objectives of the association and the need to educate the amateur laws and update them on all developments special hobby.


And is one of the most important services provided by the Association to its members is a service linking all parts of the country through a network Repeater on VHF scope and the strengthening of the transmission making it easier to communicate with amateur located in remote areas and can also be used in cases of disasters and crises, God forbid.


Assembly involved in awareness campaigns within the state and contribute within the internal events with local institutions.
Assembly offers lectures on the hobby of radio communications and methods of their use.
Work as a team in the activities of the Society.

Emirates Amateur Radio Society

is an association of public interest of the Ministry of Community Development – Ministerial Resolution No. (66) dated05/02/2008
.EARS started with 30 Member only but now it has nearly 1,500 Amateur

Objectives of the Society

  • Spreading the Amateur of radio among the community members by preparing training courses locally and internationally .

  • Representation UAE in all internal and external forums.

  • Establish friendships between amateur within the country and abroad.

  • Secure communications in the event of Emergency.

  • Prepare human cadres to help in cases of disasters and crises.

The role of the Society with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Proceeding from the fact Telecommunications Regulatory Authority TRA is organizer of the telecommunications sector in the country in coordination with the Society to regulate the procedures for issuing and renewing licenses and hold periodic meetings with the Society to discuss the developments Hobby.

Our Latest Activities
Assembly offers several courses for its members so that the ability to enable them to exercise wireless technical modern scientific manner. also assembly provides scientific and practical advice for the development of the level of members and its affiliates.
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