EARS Station

The Emirates Amateur Radio Society station is located at the Society headquarters in Sharjah. We operate a 2-meter repeater and a shack of various HF, VHF, and UHF equipment. EARS also hosts a LEO Sat ground station. A62A is the call sign used on HF bands and A68A is used for Satellite operations. Our primary purpose is to provide a means for members to operate, but we are open to everyone interested in learning about Ham Radio activities.

One of the HF operating positions at the EARS station

A61NN, Khalid Mohamed Saleh Al Marzooqi operating special event call A60ND (UAE National Day Celebrations) from A62A EARS station.

HF Yagi Antennas & VHF Collinear at EARS HQ

If you would like to visit the EARS station and be given a tour of the facility, please contact EARS.

For further details, please also refer visitor’s guide.