About Us

Message :-
Voluntary commitment to excellence and work on the planning and construction of Assembly and related fields to raise high the name of UAE
We seek to spread the hobby among segments of society, through the hard work to achieve the objectives of the association and the need to
educate the amateur laws and update them on all developments special hobby
And cooperation with Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to organize hobby and access to world-class Society,
and cooperation with all governmental authorities and concern for the Hobby and the state service
Amateur radio, as they say it is a hobby of kings is a wireless amateur ambassadors for their countries over the air
So we take great care to be Ham radio who are discharged from the society stands ready to represent UAE on radio waves
We also seek to offer amateur latest developments on the local and international arena in terms of organizing monthly gatherings to view
the most important findings of the amateur others around the world

Cooperation with other amateur radio associations
Global associations such as the Gulf and associations in order to exchange experiences At the end of 2009,
the Association hosted the German club to Leftanza at the Assembly for a whole week had been identified on the latest developments for Hobby

Services provided by the Assembly

  • Assembly provide technical advice to its members in order to develop and improve their skills in the use of wireless communication devices.

  • Assembly provides scientific and practical advice for the development of the level of members of the Assembly and its affiliates.

  • Assembly offers several courses for its members so that the ability to enable them to exercise wireless technical modern scientific manner.

  • Assembly provides a private library association where books and educational magazines for wireless communication

  • send my messages periodically letter containing minutes of meetings and all posts by Assembly programs or activities of the Assembly members.

  • Publishing news and comments Member Assembly and all the posts in the local newspapers.

  • publishing guide board members and associate members on the website.

  • And is one of the most important services provided by the Association to its members is a service linking all parts of the country through a network Repeater on VHF scope and the strengthening of the transmission making it easier to communicate with amateur located in remote areas and can also be used in cases of disasters and crises, God forbid

The areas of volunteerism in the Assembly
Assembly involved in awareness campaigns within the state and contribute within the internal events with local institutions.
Assembly offers lectures on the hobby of radio communications and methods of their use.
Work as a team in the activities of the Society

Types of Membership :-
1-Active membership for citizens
2-affiliated membership for expatriates
3-honorary membership to those who have made a valuable service to the community and Assembly